The Air Jordan XX “Stealth” Returns

Sleek.  Stylish.  Performance driven.  A modern classic.  Reborn.


Originally introduced in 2005, the Air Jordan XX has returned in retro form as a part of the 30th anniversary for Jordan Brand, while it celebrates its own 10 year anniversary this year in the process.  Inspired by the design of motorcycle shoes and the traction of their tires, the Air Jordan XX served as an homage for Michael’s cultural impact as well as his on court accomplishments spanning two decades (1985 – 2005).  Now, ten years later, we can now enjoy and relive those same accomplishments over again.


Outfitted with full grain leather on the upper, patent leather around the side panels, and nubuck on the toe box, the “Stealth” is almost true to its original form.  The only difference that can be found on the retro version is in the laser etching on the lace cover, which is now in gold.  The heel still showcases the embossed numbering representing the number of years passed and MJ’s achievements leading up to the release of the Air Jordan XX.


The Stealth colorway of the Jordan XX was widely popular back in 2005 and was a sure fire hit during this weekend’s release.  Many online retailers sold out of the retro within hours of its release so hopefully if these were on your radar, you were able to pick them up.




Images via Nike.


The Midwest Sole Release Date Calendar: How To Set It Up For Apple Devices

Midwest Sole | Online Sneaker Magazine


Head to from your iOS device or from your desktop (does not need to be a mac desktop) and click on the Release Dates link (if accessing via mobile – click menu>release dates).


Click on the DL release dates for Apple products option.


This will bring up a list of release dates that have been added to the Midwest Sole calendar. Select the “Add all” option.


You should see a list of events/releases listed on the screen, click “Done”





Subscribe to the calendar by visiting from a desktop (easiest process and recommended).


  1. Head to, click on the Release dates option which will bring you to the calendar itself.
  2. On the bottom right…

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An Open Letter – Time For A Change And Growth In Terminology

Midwest Sole | Online Sneaker Magazine

Allow us to be blunt.

There is a word commonly used in the sneaker community to describe outrageously high resale prices. We want that to stop. You know which word we’re referring to, there’s no need for us to say it here.

We have all used this term whether it be in person or online to describe what we see as price gouging. A lot of people seem to be of the opinion that the use is appropriate in that instance, we would like to tell you it is not. There is no comparison between the price of a pair of Yeezy 2s on Flight Club and one of the most heinous crimes around.

Sneakers are a hobby, admittedly one that the majority of people reading this will take seriously, but a hobby nonetheless. By saying the word in question you rob the word of it’s power and it’s true…

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My Grail: The Nike Air Penny 1

Midwest Sole | Online Sneaker Magazine


For anyone who’s ever visited or follows my Twitter and Instagram pages, it’s very well known that I am a Memphis, Tennessean with every fabric of my being. And being from Memphis, I always love to represent my hometown, especially when it comes to my sneakers. One of my idols growing up was the great Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway due to him playing for my hometown Memphis Tigers and being a home grown Memphian himself.



Being a fan of Penny, I was ecstatic about him getting his own sneaker deal from Nike and I couldn’t wait for a chance to get a pair. The only problem with that was my parents didn’t believe in paying over $100 dollars for a pair of sneakers they knew I would play basketball in and wear them out in a couple months time. But I didn’t care. I had to have me a pair.

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#NeverForget: The Day RSVP Services Lost to Nike and The Nike Destroyer

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From the moment Nike revealed the release information for the LeBron X Celebration Pack, everyone knew it would become a mad race to see who could secure a pickup of the extremely limited edition. And true to form, RSVP services were primed and ready to capitalize on the tremendous hype brought on by LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to their second straight NBA Championship while wearing a player exclusive version of the red/black LeBron X Elite mid-top.

With some services charging just as much as the box price for the sneakers themselves to reserve a spot for RSVP ($500), it was a guaranteed score for them pending those orders were secured. But thanks to a curveball tweet thrown by Nike NY and a RSVP vigilante named “The Nike Destroyer” aka SoleMartyr, RSVP services were the real losers for the day.

With the first tweet that went out…

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Conversation Piece: Will the KD VI Colorways Live Up To Those Of The KD IV?

Midwest Sole | Online Sneaker Magazine

via Nike

When pictures first surfaced of the since-released Sonic Yellow colorway of Kevin Durant’s sixth installment of his popular Nike KD line, it was initially met with a very lukewarm response and an overall perception that these low top “soccer shoes” were a step further down from the once vibrant and energetic line.  Not soon after the web got a glimpse of the Sonic Yellow colorway, pictures leaked of the again, since-released KD VI DC “PreHeat”, a release that got instant hype due to them only being available in limited numbers.


via Nike

Not soon after the release of these two models, pictures of the KD VI “Meteorology”, “Bamboo”, and “Orange Mint” have all surfaced and they have been greeted with a much warmer response in comparison to when the silhouette was first introduced.  Exciting colorways, intricate details, and low price point have always been some of the things…

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Conversation Piece: For Charity Or For Sale?

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Ever since the announcement was made that Nike and Jordan Brand would begin to re-retro some of their very popular and extremely limited Doernbecher charity shoes, people within the community have been scrambling to do whatever they can to make sure that they can lock down a pair (or two) of these highly sought after sneakers. Designed by children who were being treated at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, the purpose of each shoe was to raise awareness and charity to the hospital and all of the children that it provides care for.image

Due to the extremely limited nature of each shoe, the value of any one of the sneakers in the Doernbecher line could range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars upwards towards one thousand plus dollars. Because of this trend, there have been more people looking to purchase the shoes not for the intent on wearing them…

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Conversation Piece: Is Nike’s Commitment To Fairness Making A Real Difference?

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It wasn’t long ago that Nike (@nikestore) gave us a Commitment to Fairness; an attempt to help combat the use of bots and automation software that allows users to add product launches into their cart within seconds of Nike Store launch tweets.  Because of the use of automation software, it has given would be consumers who use it an unfair advantage when it comes to being able to successfully add new product to their cart.


Since the release of the Commitment To Fairness, there have been some instances of would be buyers who have receive emails from Nike stating that the order had been canceled and the account was identified for unauthorized use of the site in regards to some recent releases.  Many people (including myself) wondered if Nike would actually make a difference in assisting to lessen the unfair advantage of bots and automation software, or was…

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Conversation Piece: Get Real In The Fight Against Fakes

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In the pursuit of being original and authentic in the world of sneakers, there will always be those who will attempt to duplicate someone’s idea, design, or etcetera in hopes of achieving some of the originators success. Unfortunately, as we all know, the sneaker market is now flooded with replicated pairs of some of the hottest, most sought after kicks due to the explosion of popularity within the last 10 years. Fakes have grown right along with the evolution of sneakers and its now becoming harder to differentiate the real pairs from the fictitious ones. We all know that there is very little we can do to stop these fakes from being mass produced or distributed, but we can do something to make sure that the community is aware of how to spot a fake and those who sells them.

There seems to be an unwritten law about the education…

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